Yiqi Zhang is a pair of bunnies who often shit five times a day in order to eat more freshly baked, sliced carrots. One of them is VERY kind, and the other is VERY, VERY bad. They also draw and write a lot, just for fun, because their neighbours - mostly wolves and sheep - are too boring to chat with. 

Well, you know I'm joking.  Welcome!   

Yiqi Zhang is an illustrator and artist based in London and Beijing. She is now striving to win herself the title of graphic novelist and cartoonist. Her works involve drawing, printmaking, photography, installation, writing and sound. 

Her interest lies in visual narrative and the exploration of human nature. Heavily influenced by Chinese ancient aesthetics, manga, Art Nouveau, surrealism, dark humour, and Tolstoy, she is experimenting on image-making to bring the world peace and harmony. 

Before that, of course, so much need to be done. As the initial step, she seeks to connect with others, by developing a voice within LGBTQ+ issues, and balancing between art and literature, bizarreness and everyday life, transience and eternity. 

All in all, she is an untiring advocate of drawing and storytelling. 

Current 1st year Student

 Royal College of Art, London:

MA Visual Communication - Illustration 


Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China :

BA Art History